A Tucson Tail Bed & Biscuit

A Tucson Tail Bed & Biscuit

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What to expect...


An average day includes: morning walk, lounging on soft beds, feeding, playtime, made in the USA treats, pampering & some grooming (brushing, paw balm massage).

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1 to 1

Since I only take one dog at a time, your dog will get 1-to-1 attention.  I’m hands-on, mostly-retired, and I make the comfort of my canine guests my # 1 priority.

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Check out the community pet blog for Tucson and Southern Arizona for pet adoptions, positive stories, events, profiles, musings, Wish List Wednesday.

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Vaughn and Mary

"We are thankful to have someone like Karyn to take care of our dog. We are repeat customers of hers. We also like that Karyn does not take lots of dogs at one time. Her dogs are clearly easy to get along with. Thanks so much Karyn."

Judith W.

"Karyn and her hounds took great care of my Furlough. It is such a relief to be able to go on vacation and feel completely assured that my greyhound is being cared for in a home by another greyhound lover!"

Bonnie K.

"Karyn, Girlfriend and Daisy were so sweet to my pup. It takes Rio a long time to warm up to new situations but she seemed to settle in with Karyn. We appreciated the updates and pics as this was Rio's first time there. We will be using Karyn again in October. Really great!"


"My husband and I are very happy with the care that Karyn provided for our 10-year old Standard Poodle (Cookie) while we were out of town. We were impressed with her thorough process and her attention to Cookie's daily needs. Karyn made sure that Cookie got along with her dogs. She also asked questions to learn about Cookie's daily habits, likes, dislikes, diet, health issues, and sleeping preferences. She wanted to provide her with a similar living environment (like we have) to avoid any distress. Karyn kept us updated and even emailed us a photo of Cookie all relaxed in a deep sleep."


"My dog Franklin seemed to have had a wonderful time. I got sent pictures of him and notifications on what was going on. Karyn even went through the trouble to ask is my dog is afraid of fireworks so she may give him a homeopathic calming remedy. I will be using her services again in the future."


"Karyn is an experienced and thoughtful dog owner who used her knowledge to care for our dog. She was careful to introduce our dog to hers on neutral turf and then to ease into having them inside together. She recognized that our dog was different from hers and treated him accordingly. We used Karyn for dog day care and then for a six night stay. We knew we had made a good choice when our dog was excited and happy to return to Karyn's. We highly recommend her."