Adopt Don’t Shop: PACC Cat + Tucson Cold Wet Noses

Adopt Don’t Shop: PACC Cat + Tucson Cold Wet Noses

Affectionate diabetic cat and frisky Basenji mix

tucson diabetic cats will be killed if not saved by 7/25
Red says: Save me!

URGENT Red, the diabetic cat, has until 7/25 to be adopted or he will be put down.

Red was brought to PACC in rough shape – eye problems, dental problems and he just can’t catch a break – he has developed diabetes. Despite his issues, he loves life and is an outgoing, affectionate head bonker who really deserves to be loved. He’s looking for someone willing and able to take on his care under the direction of their veterinarian – often this involves giving insulin and monitoring blood glucose.

If you’re interested in adopting this cute little button, contact and – Red is known as a “special needs adoption” and must go to your veterinarian the same day you pick him up from PACC.

Nervous about adopting a diabetic cat? Don’t be – this guy is so sweet and will make a great patient, plus he has a good appetite. Mentoring can be provided by volunteers experienced with diabetic cats.

Meet Frida Mae                                                                                                      

She is a 7 – 8 year-old frisky girl who is probably part Basenji and Boxer? Heeler?. Whatever the breed mixes, they combined to make a really great dog.  At 38 lbs, Frida thinks she’s the perfect size—for your lap.  Freda Mae listens to commands,  follows them, and seems to be fine with other dogs, but would probably do best with a larger male. Cat? Don’t know. She will need a back yard with a superior fence/wall and gates, which she cannot jump over, dig under, or in any other way escape.

Meet me at Petsmart

You can meet Frida Mae and other Tucson Cold Wet Noses dogs available for adoption on Saturday July 22 at Petsmart on the SE corner of Ina/Oracle from 10 am to 2 pm

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