Oct 1 – National Adopt a Black Dog Day

Oct 1 – National Adopt a Black Dog Day
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Black is beautiful. Doesn’t everyone get that message? Still black dogs are the last ones to be adopted after white, fawn, honey, brown, blue, red, mixes.

There are many theories as to why black dogs don’t get adopted but I’m not going to target the negative.  Black dogs play the same games, wag their tails the same, and give you as much love as their colored cousins.

Here are some reasons to adopt a black dog:

–A Tucson Tail guarantees that you will look at least five pounds thinner when you walk a black dog.

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Chloe at LOVAR

–Black is chic and always in style. Every color accessorizes with black.

–If you wear a lot of black clothing the worst dog for you is a white one! Adopt a black dog and you will never have to worry about pesky dog hair showing up on your clothes.

–One of the best parts of owning a black dog is that they almost never look dirty so you can bathe them less often.

–Are you prepared for the Zombie apocalypse? With build in camouflage and glow in the dark eyes, Zombies won’t be able to recognize your pup. Phew!

(Source and eight more seasons to adopt a black dog)


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