Will Never Forget Jett Greyhound

Will Never Forget Jett Greyhound
my beloved greyhound

Two years ago today the light of my life – Jett greyhound – died.

He left a big hole in my heart.

Jett loved people and kids. Although he didn’t have a therapy dog designation, he went to middle school and kindergarten. He met famous people like then Miss Pima County and the renowned mystery author David Rosenfelt. He went to City Hall and had his photo in the Arizona Daily Star. He exuded confidence and wherever he was, assumed everyone wanted to meet him and be his friend. He penned many of his adventures on his blog, Jett’s Stream.

Jett was the perfect greyhound ambassa-dog. He was adopted from Greyhounds to Go in 2010 at the age of 4 ½ and lived life to its fullest until 10 ½. He suffered from corns but it was osteosarcoma that did him in and quickly too.

Calvin & Jett

He had sleep aggression so could only be on the bed during the day; it was his throne.

Donut & Jett

He loved to dine off the pup menu at Delectables Restaurant (now closed) along with his beloved friend Donut greyhound.

Jett made me laugh every day. I loved him unconditionally with my heart and soul forever and ever. He is greatly missed by all who made his acquaintance.

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  • Karyn- What a sweet and endearing story. I have loved and lost so many cats friends,, and grieved for each. It warms my heart to hear your tales of love & loss. Thank you.

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