Handsome Harley Greyhound

Handsome Harley Greyhound
Tucson greyhound boarding
Handsome Harley

Greetings.  My name is Harley Greyhound but you may call me Mr. Harley .

I am a gentle giant weighing in at a solid 80 pounds. I have Valley Fever but my titer keeps improving because Kathy my mama takes good care of me.

I dislike loud, startling noises. I am very picky about what I eat and what kind of bowl the food is in. Ceramic, preferred but I also have excellent manners.

A Tucson Tail dog boarding
Daisy and Harley

Karyn’s friend Cynthia calls me Rhett Butler. Yes, I am that hunky!


Handsome Harley




4 thoughts on “Handsome Harley Greyhound”

  • Harley, you are the “Bomb”. My niece adopted a greyhound. His name is Speedy, and he is afraid of stairs. He lives in Minnesota. Much love to you & Karen.

  • Linda, thank you for all your kind comments. Greyhounds are generally afraid of stairs because they have never been exposed to stairs. Life on the track limits their exposure to things we take for granted. However with time and patience they can learn the stairs which should be non slippery (carpeting helps).

    • Thank you, Karyn. I will pass along that info. Speedy ran in 300 races, and he now lives in doggy heaven with a loving family. His new mom, Kim is hiring a dog trainer to help Speedy.

      • 300 races? That poor boy. I’m glad he found a loving home. Please make sure his new mom hires a dog trainer who has positive reinforcement training methods and is familiar with greyhounds as they are sensitive beings.

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