Senior Dog Bella Likes A Tucson Tail

Senior Dog Bella Likes A Tucson Tail

Hello. My name is Bella. My sweet person adopted me from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona when I was just a pup but now I’m 10 years young. Now my sweet person has a husband and two children and I love and protect them all.

I have stayed with Karyn and the greyhounds before maybe two years ago. Who can remember details? Karyn is very kind to me and knows that I am sometimes fearful of people so she gives me space. Today I let her rub her hands in my soft fur. We both liked it.

The greyhounds are cool dogs. When Karyn leaves, she puts Daisy in the bedroom with the baby gate and Girlfriend and I hang out in the living room.             

I don’t like thunder and lightning and neither does Girlfriend. We hide but in different places.

Bella means beautiful or so I’m told. Karyn told me I am beautiful inside and out.


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