Portuguese Water Dog Likes A Tucson Tail Boarding

Portuguese Water Dog Likes A Tucson Tail Boarding
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I’m Rio. I’m a Portuguese Water Dog (a Portie) but I don’t like to go out in the rain and get wet. But I like to drink cold water out of the pitcher as Karyn pours it into my water bowl like a waterfall. Must always be cold water from the refrigerator.

Karyn said I am the quirkiest guest dog she has ever taken care of.

I consider that an honor. My family went away for a long time and at first, I was timid and kept to myself hiding in the office but now I am the life of the party at A Tucson Tail, senior dog boarding.

Portie dog boarding tucson
Guard dog

In my spare time I like to look outside and watch the world go by. I am a good watch dog. These two resident greyhounds never bark, imagine that? I am old for a Portie (11+ years) but take lots of supplements. I am still frisky. I moved the living room chairs around to my liking but Karyn keeps moving them back. I can be the class clown too. I like hanging with the mellow greyhounds; we are best friends now.


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