November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month
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At A Tucson Tail, we adore the seniors. Unfortunately, senior pets don’t fly off the shelves like kittens and puppies. Most dogs are considered seniors at six or seven depending on their size but for small dogs, a 10-year-old, is middle-age. Senior pets also make great companions for senior citizens.

Here are 5 benefits of adopting a senior:

Older dogs usually have manners. They have spent most of their lives living with people and are socialized. They may have received training and are probably potty trained.

Monty @ Tucson Cold Wet Noses

What you see is what you get. You won’t be surprised how big your dog might get or what color her adult coat might be. Your senior pet might be missing an eye or a toe or a few teeth but that doesn’t get in the way of their enjoyment of life.

You can teach an old dog new tricks (cats, don’t even think about it). Find a trainer who is adept with seniors and senior enrichment and go have fun together.

Adopted senior pets are grateful. Yes, they know you saved them from a terrible fate and you will quickly form a bond with your senior pet.

Jade from SOS Cat Rescue

Take pride in senior pet adoption. Spread the senior pet adoption gospel. People will think you’re special because you made a commitment to an older pet…and you are.

These Tucson rescue groups have many senior dogs looking for forever homes: Tucson Cold Wet Noses, Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary, Mature Mutts at PACC and SOS Cat Rescue to name a few.

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