A Tucson Tail Looks Back at 2018

A Tucson Tail Looks Back at 2018
A Tucson Tail bed and biscuit boarding
Zig Zag

2018 was a good year at A Tucson Tail. Many greyhounds stayed here at the bed & biscuit home away from home. Let’s see there was Furlough, Flash, Lily, Ernie, Zig Zag, Jarvis, Felix, Mochi, Coffee, Kingston, Mandy and Harley. Non-greyhounds were Sam, Bella, Rio, Buddy, Millie and Guapo.

My latest 5-star review was from Valerie – “Kingston & Mandy love Karyn & her hounds. They come back home relaxed & happy!” (More reviews)

Because I take care of many old dogs, some don’t return. I heard today that 12+ year old Rio is in her final days and not eating (not even steak and since she was a bit of a chowhound) is a sign that the end is near.  For a Portuguese Water Dog to even make it to 12 is a near miracle.

A Tucson Tail bed and biscuit dog boarding
Bella & Daisy (greyhound)

All the dogs that stay here at A Tucson Tail touch my heart in so many ways. I usually fall in love with them. I often wonder whether Daisy and Girlfriend get attached and miss them as well.

There was some good news for greyhounds this year: The Macau racetrack shuttered and through the hard work of worldwide organizations, greyhounds are being adopted worldwide with some flying to the United States and many to Europe. Macau never had an adoption program so whether dogs won or lost, they died.  To find out more about the Macau greyhounds, click here.

Bigger news: More than 60% of Floridians voted to end greyhound racing by the end of 2020. Florida has the most tracks. It’s quite possible that I will see the end of greyhound racing in the US in my lifetime, a feat I never thought possible. GREY2K and HSUS were the driving forces as well as others. Now there must be oversight to ensure the dogs go to adoption groups when racing ends.

A Tucson Tail bed and biscuit senior dog boarding
In loving memory: guest Calvin/beagle and my beloved Jett/greyhound

A brave whistle blower contacted PETA about the horrendous conditions at a blood bank in Cherokee, Texas. After some convincing, the racing industry took note (but first saying that PETA exaggerated) and the greyhounds were transported to adoption groups.

Then PETA revealed more horrors at another blood bank in Orange County.

On the local front new off-track betting venues were squished to the ground like a nasty cigarette butt in April when a bar tried to add greyhound racing off track betting to its menu. Kudos to the Tucson City Council for voting no. NO. NO and the advocates who walked the walk and talked the talk at the council meeting.

I am blessed to have two greyhounds in my life. They make me laugh every day.  I love you Girlfriend (13.75) and Daisy (10); now move over so mommy can sit on the couch too.

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  • Karen, did you know that greyhounds click their teeth when excited? I hope that you, Daisy, and Girlfriend have a happy, safe & blessed 2019.

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