In Memory: Alisha Escoto, Web Designer, Dog Rescuer

In Memory: Alisha Escoto, Web Designer, Dog Rescuer

The sky is a little bit brighter tonight as Tucson lost one of its shining stars yesterday.

On Sunday February 17, 2019, Alisha May Escoto (McGhee) lost her long and hard-fought battle against depression. A memorial service will be held for her Feb. 21 at 2 pm at Pantano Baptist Church, 225 S. Pantano Rd in Tucson.

I post her on A Tucson Tail because Alisha was my web-designing WordPress guru dealing with me, a technophobe, who often asked the same questions over and over because I’m not from that generation and lack confidence in that realm. It was far more comfortable for me to pay for her excellent services than to try to hack it out (and mess it up) myself.

Around the local animal rescue community, you can see her savvy skill-set on No Kill Pima County, Smiling Dog Rescue, LOVAR and Tucson Cold Wet Noses, perhaps more. She also created Building Bonds and updated Circle of Food and gave our non-profit Beading Divas Bracelets a sparkling new look.                                                         

Service people can be fickle and often predisposed and slow to respond. Not Alisha, she was an excellent communicator offering better suggestions and was always there when I asked for help.

She leaves behind a husband of 10 years and two rescued dogs.

You can learn more about her here.

2 thoughts on “In Memory: Alisha Escoto, Web Designer, Dog Rescuer”

  • My prayers and comfort go out to Alisha’s family and friends. My own family has been deeply affected by depressive and anxiety disorders. Mental illness is rough on all involved.

  • I am so sad about this. I was at first in shock but then in dismay. My own son has depression and every day can be a struggle. I always let him know I am here if you need to talk, to vent, to cry. I never got the feeling when working with Alisha that she was depressed. She was a delight to work with and like Karyn says she put up with the older generations many questions. I wish she would of known that we were all here for her. I wish this wouldn’t happen so often. What a shame to loose such a beautiful person in our lives.
    If you are sad, lonely, depressed please reach out to any of us. The animal advocates, lovers, etc… we are here to be there for not only the animals we fight so hard to save but for the humans too! for with out them we could not save the lives of these animals.
    I am not sure what lies beyond but if there is a rainbow bridge , if there is a heaven I hope Alisha is surround by all of the ones she saved, the ones she cared for, the ones she loved so very much because she needs that no matter where she might be ….

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