Fall in love with Zen Donkey Sanctuary in Marana

Fall in love with Zen Donkey Sanctuary in Marana
zen donkey rescue
Feed me more chips!

Last week I had the pleasure of returning to Zen Donkey Sanctuary – what a special place – a labor of love (and 501c3 non-profit organization) tended by Sandy and her husband and a few volunteers including Liz who arranged for our visit and her chariot drove us there…somewhere in the back roads between North Marana and Oracle Junction.

more chips please

The donkeys find their way to Zen after being abandoned and/or neglected or the owners have come on bad times. The same can be said for the goats, pigs, one horse. Two senior donkeys were nearing 40 years old!

2 little piggies
Sandee feeding chips to miniature donkeys
Ate too many chips

As for the dogs, some are strays wandering the road while others are Pima Animal Care Center medical fosters or dogs that have been at the shelter the longest and probably won’t be adopted. Fourteen canine rescues who are tripods, seniors, deaf and blind…unwanted but are cherished here for their individuality.

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