Grants for Supporting Tucson Rescues’ Adoptions

Grants for Supporting Tucson Rescues’ Adoptions

Hats off to the many of Tucson’s local animal rescue organizations – you do so much with so little. You are conversant in stretching your hard-earned fundraising dollars to cover routine veterinary expenses and other expenses.

But what happens when a dog or cat needs above and beyond care in order to be adoptable? What’s a rescue to do other than be fraught with a sense of urgency?  Many will turn to Facebook or GoFundMe to raise extra dollars which could be your Plan A.

Another option to add to your fundraising arsenal is to contact No Kill Pima County whose’s initiative may cover a service needed in order to improve the dog or cat’s chances for adoption.

Grant amounts are at the discretion of NKPC/STS and will be a portion of the total cost.                     

Who can apply?

Eligible 501c3 animal rescue organizations in Pima County for animals in the rescue’s custody who have been surrendered by Pima County residents or pulled from Pima County shelters.

What services are eligible for funding?

Funds will be available for approved medical expenses or approved behavioral training* which will improve chances for adoption. Your rescue will receive a response within 7 days.

What services are not eligible for funding?

  • Preventative care such as vaccines, spay and neuter
  • Routine care such as microchips and cosmetic grooming
  • Emergency services

How often can rescues be funded?

One animal, per rescue organization, per month, will be considered for grants — while funds are available. First come first served.

When is the funding available?

If your grant is approved, funding will be available immediately and payable to the service provider.

How to apply?

Click here to complete a grant application.

Donations welcome

These grants are made available as long as there is specifically allotted funding. You can support these efforts by donating now to NKPC’s matching challenge. A generous/anonymous donor is matching up to $5,000 until year-end which include all of NKPC’s services.  Please click here to make your donation go further.  


*Approved Training – NKPC supports protocols necessary to modify problematic behavior, which do not include use of punishment, pain, fear, physical force, coercion or compulsion in lieu of other effective interventions and strategies. The growing amount of evidence-based research indicates reward-based, positive reinforcement training methods and those utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis are not only the most humane but most effective methods to modify an animal’s behavior short and long term.


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