Interview with Daisy Greyhound: The Covid Life

Interview with Daisy Greyhound: The Covid Life

The Greyt Mag interviewed me:

GM: Daisy, tell the audience a little about yourself.
DG: It’s obvious that I am a greyhound…I raced. I had 17 offspring. I’m missing a toe. I came to adoption via foster through Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption.  I am 11 years 8 months young. I have a lot of friends both 2 legged and 4 legged. I’m beautiful inside and out.

GM: Has the Covid life been difficult for you?  

DG: Yes and no. My sweet sister Girlfriend greyhound went away and never came back on April 9. Karyn, my person, said she went to the Rainbow Bridge, and someday I would go too but there’s no rush and not for a long time. I miss her and sometimes forget and look for her in the bedroom. She often sat on the bed like a queen on a throne looking down the hall. That’s the difficult part.
Otherwise, Covid life has been satisfactory. Karyn is here almost 24/7 and we go for long walks in the morning and shorter walks in the evening if the sidewalk is not hot. I don’t know if it’s because of Covid or because I am now the only dog but Karyn takes me to the park more often and  when she visits her friends.

GM: What do you like to do for fun?                     

Mochi kissing Daisy
DG: I love going on walks with my friends Mochi, Furlough, Drummer, Harley and Millie. I love birthday parties and going to Dog Days of Summer at Tucson Botanical Garden. Butt sniffing is always a source of amusement.
GM: What are you most proud of?
DG:  I recently had FIVE teeth pulled and I was an excellent patient.
GM: Is there anything about Karyn that annoys you?
DG: Karyn never stops talking. She can talk on the phone for hours. She talks to me and I kind of ignore her. You would think she would take the hint but — no — she keeps talking. Sometimes she talks in her sleep.
GM:  Do you have any advice for the hounds who are reading this?
DG:  I hope you are as lucky as I am and find a kind person or family to cherish you forever. Be a good dog and don’t runaway. Find a soft bed and give lots of kisses. Play with toys. Stay healthy and safe.
GM:  Do you have any questions?
DG:  As a matter of fact, yes, I do — who is Alexa?

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