So. AZ Clydesdale celebrates 17th birthday; virtual invitation

So. AZ Clydesdale celebrates 17th birthday; virtual invitation
Celebrate with Gulliver
You are invited to Gulliver’s party

I love horses, particularly Clydesdales and Gulliver, the mascot from Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary in Amado, AZ, is my favorite. He’s turning 17 and having a virtual birthday party on June 23th and YOU are invited.

A Tucson Tail interviewed him. Take it away Gulliver…

A Tucson Tail: Gulliver, what is a typical day like at the Sanctuary?

Gulliver: ​Well, we have a pretty good life here. The main herd which is located off the main barn consists of approximately two full acres. I live with ten other horses and we all get along well. The staff comes in at 6:30 AM to start their chores…

ATT: What’s your opinion of Karen Pomroy, founder of Equine Voices?

G: Karen saved me, Spanky, Bella and Deuce from slaughter and I will always be indebted to her. She advocates for all horses and ensures we receive the care, food, veterinary checks, hoof trims, dental checks and everything we need for a good life. I know she works very hard and has sacrificed her life for us. I will do anything to protect and honor her for the kind, generous and loving person she is.

ATT: How many horses and burros are currently at Equine Voices?

G: 62 – 4 burros and 58 horses and 15 PMU mares in Canada

ATT: What does PMU mean?

G: Equine Voices began with the mission of rescuing mares and their foals from the inhumane process of producing estrogen replacement therapy a.k.a. Premarin©… PREgnant MARes urine.  The horses they collect the urine from live each day in cramped stalls too small to even lie down; horses are denied free access to water, standing up to six months in a “pee-line” with rubber collection cups hooked tightly around their urethras. That is no life for a horse!

Clydesdale love
Karyn visits Gulliver a few years ago

ATT: Do you have a favorite buddy to pal around with?

G: I always hang out with Spanky and Deuce, my two buddies that I came here with. Bella hangs out with the girls.

ATT: What is going to happen on June 23? How can your fans get involved or support you?

G: You can start by going to the website and then will be directed a Facebook live page where my humans are going to show the day and life of the ranch and introduce everyone to the sanctuary and some of my equine friends.

–At 8:30 AM we are having a power hour and our goal is to raise $1,000. At 10:30 AM we have another power hour with the goal of $2,000. At noon, we are going to celebrate my birthday with a cake for me and my human caretakers.

–People can also make a one-time donation, sponsor me or any of my equine friends monthly or for a year; they can join my fan club for $10/month (A Tucson Tail has been a member for 5 years so far).

–For anyone who donates $100 or more, they will be eligible to win a raffle prize – a fun-filled basket with goodies from our onsite store – Gulliver mug, Gulliver cap, two bottles of wine with Gulliver wine glasses, a Gulliver sweatshirt, and much more – the basket it valued at $250.

–For anyone who donates $$250 or more, they will be eligible for the basket raffle as well as an original water color painted by Jen Howard a very talented and awesome local artist (and new volunteer) and horse lover. The painting is called “Never Look Back.” 

ATT: Wow! That sounds like a fun event and Jen’s painting of you is stunning. Gulliver, what do you think of those Budweiser Super Bowl commercials featuring Clydesdales?

G: I think they are fun and show how beautiful Clydesdales are, and how much all horses do for mankind touching their hearts and souls in magical ways.

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