Remembering Girlfriend Greyhound

Remembering Girlfriend Greyhound
Remembering Girlfriend
3/8/05 – 4/9/20

On April 8, I was trying to keep my eyes open when a blanket of fatigue cast over me. Before I closed my eyes, I looked at Girlfriend greyhound as she struck the most perfectly sweet pose. My immediate thought was to walk across the room to pick up the phone and snap that photo but gave myself the excuse that if I did, she would probably move anyway. I promptly fell asleep.

On April 9, Girlfriend died.

But before slamming to the ground and flailing wildly, she ate breakfast like normal. Being as food motivated as she was, that didn’t surprise me.

It’s taken me 3 ½ months to memorialize Girlfriend because my heart still breaks on a daily basis. I can close my eyes and blink and see her on the dog bed, on the couch and reigning on my bed peering down the hall. Her fleeting presence overwhelms me.

Girlfriend near the end
one of the last photos

Girlfriend celebrated her 15th birthday on March 8. A few friends came for dinner and watched as she gingerly galloped around the patio playing find the cookie.  They watched her be engaged as she ate pup-cakes and quietly soaked in the attention.

I would tell her every day, “Let’s make it through the pandemic.” Little did I know that this hellish virus would go on indefinitely.

So, to end on an upbeat note, let me share some Girlfriend-isms:

She would sleep on the bed, sometimes curling like a warm brick in my back or her needle nose face would be on my pillow.

She also hogged the couch. I would say, “Let mommy sit next to you.”  No way as she stretched herself longer.

sharing the couch
Girlfriend greyhound shares couch

Girlfriend loved green beans, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli and apples. Every time I cut an apple, she appeared in the kitchen in a New York minute.

She would scratch the door to go in and out but toward the last year of her life, she amped up by scratching the kitchen cabinet trying to let me know, “Feed me!”

But I think her all time favorite activity was playing, “find the cookie.” She excelled at that game and would spend time sniffing down the cookies. You would think she was a beagle not a greyhound.

The sky was a little brighter on the day she died. While we spent 8 ½ devoted years together, it was never enough.

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  • Karyn- My heartfelt condolences go out to you. Girlfriend was a special friend and partner, and her absence will be felt deeply. Just know that she will be watching over you, from the rainbow bridge. God Bless.

  • Karen, my heart goes out to you and yours. The only thing I can say is, Girlfriend knew you loved her.

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