Remembering My Beloved Daisy Greyhound

Remembering My Beloved Daisy Greyhound
Sweet Daisy

On the day I write this, it’s 25 days since my beloved Daisy went on a peaceful journey to the great beyond or Rainbow Bridge or wherever we want our pets no longer with us to go. It’s also six months since 15-year-old Girlfriend lead the way.

Daisy joined Girlfriend and me two months after Jett greyhound passed at 10 1/2 from osteosarcoma. I was only going to have one dog but greys are like potato chips, it’s hard for me to just have one.

She had been in foster care for six months and I couldn’t imagine why anyone didn’t already scoop up this delicate flower and 8-year-old brood mama who had 17 offspring. While in foster she had two UTIs; she also had many teeth removed, a broken toe removed and an unfixed broken leg that never got fixed which ended her racing career but began her breeding status.

Daisy had a plethora of disorders and ailments costing thousands of dollars, more compromised than my previous four greys put together. In retrospect, she was so worth it. My vet (Dr. Janet Forrer) at Sunrise Pet Clinic said that Daisy did well considering all the challenges she had. Former racing greys are resilient survivors despite their wretched past lives.

Every morning Daisy would kiss me on the mouth. “Hey, mom, I gotta pee!” She loved to run in my second yard using it as her own personal track. “Eat my dust!” She didn’t seem to mind being the only dog (after a few weeks) but relished her time with dog friends both large and small and their people.

She was my first grey who didn’t freak from thunder or fireworks but hated the noise of a drill and hammer when the handyman was here. Her acute hearing knew someone was at the door before I did.

“Daisy, you’re so soft,” was often heard from those who knew her or meeting for the first time. Like some of us, she had her phobias and walking on my concrete floor as well as other floors. She was an excellent patient at all times unlike Girlfriend who resisted.

She was my only grey who never got on the furniture but preferred plush dog beds. Like Girlfriend she enjoyed playing find the cookie, liked her toys especially the cake stuffy, but most of all adored puppacino. I would hold up the can and her ears would shoot up. When she heard the whoosh sound, she inched closer to the kitchen peeking around the counter. Oh, the joys of a little dish of puppacino.

My mind is flooded with our 4+ years together. Her memory will forever shine brightly in my heart.

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