About the Blog

About the Blog

A Tucson Tail: The community pet blog for Tucson and Southern Arizona

After a few years Karyn missed writing her Tucson Tails blog on TucsonCitizen.com so she decided to keepg readers informed about the Southern Arizona animal community.


A Tucson Tail blog has a positive stance with a focus on adoption, health & safety, heartwarming stories, book reviews, fundraisers and events, community and state issues, interviews & profiles, musings, and fundraising ideas.

Press Releases and Flyers

Having an event or fundraiser? Please send flyer in .jpg format and with ample time, to be posted on the blog or Facebook. Do NOT send PDF as they do not work well on a blog or Facebook. Press releases can be sent via the Contact form or use the Contact form to request my email. Cut and paste the text include the important who, what, where, when and why. And a link to where it’s already posted, if available. Always include a link to your organization.

Guest Bloggers                                                                                                               

Guest bloggers are welcome to contact A Tucson Tail with blog post suggestions. Guest bloggers will receive no compensation and must not embed affiliate links into their posts. Only guest blog posts that impart vital information, tips and education about animal health and welfare, safety, humor, positive training, quality of life, relevant services, adoption, and legislation benefiting Arizona animals will be considered for acceptance. Articles must not be copyright unless permission is granted for usage and the same applies for the use of photographs. There is no guarantee your suggestion will be accepted.

Guest bloggers may include a short paragraph with one link to their website at the end of the article and have their byline at the top of the article. Guest blog posts may be edited for clarity and length.