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dog boarding for mature dogsBoarding FAQ

UPDATE: Currently, I am only accepting repeat dogs. Thank you for understanding. Please call  me or contact me via the form to request other dog boarding and dog sitting options.

How can I find your availability?


Why do I need a meet & greet before booking a reservation?

Since your dog will be living with my two dogs, a meet & greet gives a snapshot into compatibility. If it’s not too hot to walk, we meet on the sidewalk and go for a short walk and then move to the patio/yard and then into the house.  If it’s too hot to walk, we go directly to the patio area and I’ll let my dogs out one at a time to meet your dog for some good sniffing and then we go inside and chat and see how the dogs interact.

How many dogs will you care for at once?

Because I already live with two greyhounds, I  take one senior  dog at a time.


Why do you only take dogs that are spayed or neutered?

Altered dogs generally are better behaved. I have female greyhounds and they don’t like to be humped and I don’t want to take care of dogs going into heat.

What are your rates?


Why don’t you take small dogs?

I live with two former racing greyhounds. They have not been tested for their tolerance with small dogs. While 50% of greyhounds do well with small dogs, my dogs do better with dogs larger than 30 pounds.

Will you take a Great Dane?

No, dogs between 30 to 80 pounds work better for my dogs or for me to handle.

Do you make home visits?

Perhaps, more likely in my immediate neighborhood and if my schedule is flexible.

Do you give medications and insulin shots?

I give medications (no extra charge) but not insulin shots.

Do you keep me informed as to how my dog is doing?

Yes! I try to email a photo and short message every day or every other day, your preference. Or send a text.

Will you bathe my dog?


Do you only board greyhounds?


What do I bring to your house?

  • Proof of vaccinations
  • Your dog’s food, either in its original bag or a plastic container with lid + wet dog food or whatever you feed.  Alert me if your dog has any food allergies.
  • Medications with instructions
  • Contact info for you, your veterinarian and who to call locally in an emergency, in case I can’t reach you. Microchip info, if applicable.
  • A crate, if your dog uses one
  • Leash and harness, if your dog uses (dog must be wearing tag collar with current tags)
  • Dog bed, if you want. A Tucson Tail has plenty of dog beds
  • Thundershirt, if needed
  • Raised feeder, if needed
  • Specific grooming tools, if needed.

Did I answer your questions?

If not, please contact me.