Resources + A Tucson Tail’s favorite people, places and things

Disclaimer:  This list is compiled from a variety of sources and a listing doesn’t endorse or verify the availability of a source. All phone numbers are 520 unless designated otherwise.

Resources: Lost and Found

Check out these resources for what to do if your pet gets lost or you find a dog or cat:

Always keep current tags on your pet so when they are found, you get the call. Microchips have united many pets with their people.

Favorites: Veterinarians (alpha order)

Resources: Dog Food and Recalls

Resources: Low Cost Vaccinations – call for days/hours

Resources: Low Cost/No Cost Spay and Neuter

Resources: Grants and  Vet Finance Assistance

Resources: Pet-friendly apartment guide for Tucson

Resources: Cats/TNR (trap, neuter and return)

Here’s a good page with everything you need to know about TNR

Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic will alter feral cats for free. Drop off Monday – Thursday between 9 – 11 am and pick up the next day after 9 am

Resources: Local Organizations and Initiatives

Favorites: Bright Ideas and Friends


 Resources: County Shelters & Humane Society

Facebook: Pinal County Animals in Need