Wish List Wednesday: Cody’s Friends Charity Helps Houston Animals

Wish List Wednesday: Cody’s Friends Charity Helps Houston Animals
(L to R) Justin, Toni, Kayla, Joni, Cathie

You may have seen on the news that Toni Medina and Cody’s Friends Charity put their heads, hearts and hands together to make a mega trip to Houston to help rescue animals. This is via coordination with the NARSC (National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition).

A call went out to the community and supplies and donations rolled in. You can still donate via gofundme (but they take percentage/but also have a wider audience) or you can donate directly to Cody’s (501c3) and specify your donation be for hurricane Harvey animal survivors. Follow Cody’s on Facebook.

While the first group of truck and trailer left for Houston, there will be more trucks going so your donations are still needed. You can drop off items at 4702 N. Flowing Wells Road and if nobody’s there, leave out front.                                                                                                

Loaner boat goes to Houston
Thank you Tucson!


This is an example of what a few people can do and how our Tucson community rises to the occasion to help other animals in need. Thank you Tucson.

1.) Bags of horse feed
2.) Halters and lead ropes
bowls (old tupperware or anything big enough to hold food and water).
3.) Slip leads, leashes, collars, harnesses
4.) Medical supplies including SQ fluid bags and set ups
5.) Cat carries (we need as many as we can get, please note chances are they will not be making the trip back to Tucson)
6.) Plastic and wire dog kennels that can be folded or broken down to make more space (they most likely will not make the trip back to Tucson)
7.) Canned dog and cat food (need as much as we can get please donate all you can. Canned cat food will be a very big need for the kitties)
8.) Jars of baby food, turkey, chicken or beef in gravy. Make sure no garlic in it) (these come in really handy for stressed cat so this is a big need).
9.) Bags of dry dog and cat food
10.) Dog and cat treats to toss if needed to get the animal to come closer
11.) Food and water dishes
12.) Towels (we need as many towels as we can get please)
13,) Bedding, blankets
14.) Gas cards
15.) cases of water
16.) Cat litter (big need)
17.) Litter boxes without lids
18.) Boxes of gloves
19.) Hand sanitizer
20.) Litter box scooper’s
21.) Potty pads (really big need)
22.) Pillow cases
23.) Catch poles, snare poles, cat tongs (in case we need to rescue a not so happy pup or kitty)
24.) Paper plates (can be used to give food on)
25.) Flashlights and head lamps and batteries (big need)
26.) buckets for giving water to animals that cannot be moved and to feed livestock

Since their inception in 2010, Cody’s Friends Charity has donated almost 500,000 pounds of dog food to local pet pantries, rescues & shelters and people in need who have to feed their pets. Bravo!

Written by Karyn Zoldan

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