Wish List Wednesday: Tucson CARES

Wish List Wednesday: Tucson CARES


Tucson Cares cat rescue
I’m Louie – swaddle me

Tucson CARES (Companion Animal Rescue Education and Support) is a  unique, ‘small but mighty’ all volunteer run non-profit organization dedicated to ‘saving the savable’ through direct action and advocacy. Tucson CARES goes beyond rescue and adoption into other elements of the No Kill Model as they are passionate advocates. Tucson CARES is recognized for their field work in the community.

Check out Tucson CARES adoptable animals

Tucson CARES is the primary organization in Southern Arizona that rescues cats from the Pima Animal Care Center known to need an esophageal feeding tube for the treatment of a liver condition most often developed from anorexia known as hepatic lipidosis. Tucson CARES has saved dozens from death in the past three years.

Use your Amazon Prime and order a few of their needed items.

Wishlist Wednesday
Lowell: See my feeding tube?

Tucson CARES is mindful to not put things on the Amazon wish list that can be bought for significantly less money elsewhere even though they may be of a far more priority need.

Items which can be bought locally for less money include:

  • High quality paté cat food, preferably grain free and not seafood
  • Gerber’s chicken baby food
  • Costco puppy pads


Tucson CARES gratefully accepts leftover veterinary medications (even expired) and special diet food of canned and dry–primarily seeking S/O, c/d and a/d plus medium to large sized bath towels or fleece blankets in good condition.

You might also drop by Kismet, an eclectic green boutique that benefits Tucson CARES.


Louie came from a large hoarding case and lacks genetic diversity which causes him to exhibit some obsessive repetitive behaviors. He was saved from deadline at PACC and is a beloved volunteer favorite. He likes to be swaddled and wear Thundershirts (on Amazon) which give him a sense of security.

Lowell and Laura are feeding tube survivors.

A Tucson Tail
Lovely Laura


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