Rockin’ Oldies: Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Rockin’ Oldies: Adopt a Senior Pet Month
adopt a senior pet month
oldies but goodies

That’s me (Karyn Zoldan) and that’s my greyhound Girlfriend. We’re both old. Girlfriend is 12 ½ which is a near miracle for a greyhound and I’m approaching one of those birthdays ending with a zero and wondering how I ever got this old.

When we sit on the couch jockeying for space, I am content that we could grow old together but then wonder about dogs and cats that have lived in loving homes and find themselves in the shelter. What a scary proposition. How did they get there? Did their people die and then a relative turned them in? Did they go into a nursing home or assisted living where pets were not allowed? Did someone move or lose the ability to pay for a place to live and just dump them? Did some uncaring person trade them in for a younger model? Did they get loose and no one ever found them?

Who knows? But plenty of senior dogs and cats find their way to PACC.  And they are not being adopted as quickly as their younger counterparts.

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. You can adopt a senior pet anytime but November brings attention to their plight.

adoptable senior dogs
7 y.o. Aiden is ready to roll

Please consider sponsoring a senior pet during November. While the funds are available, is donating $100 to the veterinarian of an adopter who adopts a senior dog or cat from Pima Animal Care Center during November and possibly beyond.  Businesses and individuals are encouraged to donate; all donations large and small are gratefully received.

My blog kicked off the campaign with $500 and Baja Cafe (who has a soft spot for seniors) made a generous donation as well as some caring folks, so far. Can you help too? Let’s make it a rocking group effort!

Pictured: 7 year old Aiden just had eye surgery and maybe some dental work. He’s in the small dog room at PACC waiting for his new family. Sweet boy! A615368

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