Year of the Dog: Why are dogs special?

Year of the Dog: Why are dogs special?
Year of the Dog
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What makes dogs so special? Here are a few ways:

Unconditional love – Dogs greet us at the door like they are happy to see you whether you’re gone all day at work or a short jaunt to the grocery store. Wealthy or poor; neat or slovenly; clean or dirty; dogs look past our faults and how other humans may judge us. Dogs love us for who we are…at that very moment.

Dogs lower your stress level – Studies have shown that being around dogs can lower your stress level and lower your blood pressure. When petting or playing with dogs your brain releases the hormone oxytocin, and lowers the stress causing hormone cortisol. Dogs rock your mental health.


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Dogs want to walk – Your doctor told you to get more exercise. Dogs always want to go for walks which is great for keeping both of you in shape. Walk, walk, walk. Meet your neighbors and enjoy the fresh air.

Dogs make us laugh – Need more hilarity in your life? Get a dog. Dogs smile, their joy is contagious, dogs do the darnest things.

Dogs are part of the family – Some people like their dogs more than other family members. 44% of millennials see their dogs as “starter children.” Dogs make memories. The Pajama Gram website has pajamas for the whole family…even the dog!

Stanley is available through RAD Rescue and Oso is available through Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary.

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