What is your poop command?

What is your poop command?

Let’s talk about poop. If you have dogs, this topic is not far behind (no pun intended).

When I adopted Painter my first greyhound I was determined not to use baby talk and not to say the word – potty. So, our command was “gotta do.”  He knew when I said gotta do what he was supposed to do. Once I was in Trader Joe’s and my neighbor from the next block introduced me to her adult daughter by saying, “This is the lady I was talking about. She says gotta do and her dog poops on command.” I was flattered.

My second greyhound Lily reacted to the gotta do methodology but when she passed and I adopted Jett, greyhound number three, I slipped into “go potty” mode and have been stuck there ever since with greyhounds four and five.

I am so ingrained with go potty that I have said to people in social situations, “Excuse me, I have to go potty.”

What commands do you use to influence your dogs to do their business?


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