Pet Safety on July 4th, Keep Doggy Doors Closed

Pet Safety on July 4th, Keep Doggy Doors Closed
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Keep your pets safe

July 4th is my least favorite holiday and my stance has nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with fireworks. More dogs go missing on July 4th than any other time of the year. Dogs hear noises at a higher frequency than we do and get scared. Panicked dogs will jump walls and fences and through glass windows. Scared dogs will run like hell, faster than they have ever run before.

If you love your dog/s and your sanity, KEEP YOUR DOG DOOR CLOSED at all times. Do not leave your dogs unattended in the yard; put them on a leash even in your own yard from now through July 5th. You may even want to put them in a harness which makes it harder for them to wiggle out.

I wonder about the local sanctity of selling fireworks related products for personal use. Grand fireworks displays are another story as professionals are in charge and the fire department may be standing by. But considering our flora is like a tinderbox, why are fireworks displays scheduled?

This year July 4th is on Wednesday which means some will start shooting off firecrackers this weekend.

Last year a man’s house caught on fire because some kids threw firecrackers into his yard and with the ground being brittle and dry, it doesn’t take much to ignite a fire. Fortunately, the man’s service dog was a hero but his house did not survive.  What are those kids doing this year? Keep your cats indoors as some people with fireworks can be cruel.

Pima Animal Care Center has FREE MICROCHIPS from now until July 3 from 3 to 5 pm.

More July 4th Safety Tips

  • In the best-case scenario, your pets are at home wearing a collar with tags and current ID.
  • Your pets are in a safe room where bursts of light are not visible through a window or drapes and music or TV plays loudly.
  • Their doggie door is locked so there is no escaping.
  • Dogs are preoccupied because you just provided a frozen stuffed Kong or favorite toy to keep them occupied.
  • Even if you’re having guests, your pets are in a closed room where they cannot be disturbed or accidentally let loose.
  • Don’t use fire crackers around your dog and don’t take to a fireworks display.

Paws crossed for a safe July 4th.


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