Embracing adoption of senior pets

Embracing adoption of senior pets
Adoptable senior dogs Tucson
Good old boys: Dusty and Brady

I don’t know who said it but agree – there is nothing like the soul of an old dog.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. I think every day should be adopt a senior pet but I’ll celebrate this special month drawing attention to senior dogs and cats.

While I love all dogs (for the record, I’m allergic to cats so I lean toward dogs but just substitute cats if you’re feline fine). I am gung-ho to the seniors.

I’m senior or baby boomer or whatever moniker AARP gives us. I can’t imagine someone of my age opting for a puppy. I’d wonder WTF are they thinking? Do they have the physical energy to keep up with a puppy and also will they outlive the puppy as they both age? I know this is a pessimistic way of looking ahead but in my opinion it’s also a realistic way of looking ahead.

Ideally, we should grow old with our dogs but our lifespan outlasts theirs and rather than take the adage – my dog (or cat) died and I can’t possibly love another – I recommend filling that empty emotional void with another pet as soon as possible.

And if you don’t want to adopt – foster a senior pet or take care of a fospice (foster a hospice pet) or be a respite foster while the regular foster parent goes on vacation. Just don’t sit there pining for your forever gone pet while there are too many senior pets waiting for love. Fostering a pet may also save his or her life.



Dusty and Brady are looking for a home to rest and relax in. They are older, small guys. Maybe mixes of chihuahua, dachshund, and corgi. These boys are looking for a quiet, patient home to relax in. They like to chill out in their comfy bed. They love to go for walks together. They are shy around new people and will accept pets, but don’t seek out attention.  (pictured above)


adoptable senior male cat in Green Valley
Bobcat will bring joy

BobCat lived with three other kitties and a woman who dearly loved them. She recently passed away and the other kitties have been adopted. Nine-year-old BobCat is a handsome seal point senior male cat. He is more comfortable with cats than people, other than the lady with whom he spent most of his life. The perfect home for BobCat would be with a calm kitty he can just love once more.

Written by Karyn Zoldan who lives with two senior greyhounds.

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