Tucson Greyhound Celebrates 15th Birthday

Tucson Greyhound Celebrates 15th Birthday
Happy 15th Birthday

Girlfriend greyhound celebrated her 15th birthday today March 8, 2020. She is my first greyhound (out of four) that flew through her 13th birthday, sailed past her 14th birthday and turned 15.

Around 14 3/4 she suffered a bad kidney infection where she urinated in the house for 21 days but after three different antibiotics and a urine culture, the kidney infection is gone…thanks to Cipro and an astute vet.  I can now attest that I’m a whiz (no pun intended) at collecting urine samples from female greys. Then she had an abscessed tooth where her face swelled and she drooled blood. The swelling has greatly diminished but there is still some blood dripping from her scabby face now and then.

None of these impediments have stopped her though.

Daisy is 11 1/2
Girlfriend still supervises me in the kitchen and eats voraciously; still wants to play find the cookie and twirls around in anticipation; still jumps off the couch when the leashes come out and goes for a daily short walk. She still has a zest for life and even with a grotesque corn on her right paw and some stiffness in her old joints, Girlfriend will trot around the patio.
Every two weeks her vet makes a house call to give acupuncture which has helped on my levels.
Today she celebrated with her sister 11 1/2 year old Daisy and her friend/my boyfriend 9 year old Drummer greyhound. The dogs enjoyed their turkey pupcakes and puppacinos. The adults enjoyed their dinner and the dogs.
Drummer the Hunk is 9 years young

I feel so fortunate to still have Girlfriend in my life. My heart bursts with love for Girlfriend and Daisy and all their four-legged friends.

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  • Happy Birthday, dear Girlfriend, Happy Birthday to you… and many more. It’s wonderful that you still have such a zest for life.

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