In Memory


Cami was adopted by Carol Mitchell. Prior to that she had two bad placements and waited a long time to find the right one — Carol. They had a few good years together. Cami was much loved.

 Coffee was adopted by Joan and Paul Athey at age 11. She was a brood mama. For the time she lived with the Atheys, she was much loved and well cared for. Coffee had a gentle disposition and I was fortunate to spend some time with her.



Anabel was adopted and fiercely loved by Glenda Taylor. Anabel was a spunky girl who while was not allowed on the bed at home took liberties at my house. She will be greatly missed by the greater greyhound family.


Rusty was adopted by animal advocate Susan Via at 10 weeks old and almost celebrated his 13th birthday. He suffered from numerous maladies but was a happy-go-lucky boy who always received the best veterinary care. His family misses him very much.


Donut was a sweetheart who belonged to Judith Weiser. Donut and Jett were an item and often sat on the same dog bed together and drank from the same water dish at the same time. Donut would spend every Tuesday at A Tucson Tail lounging on the couch all day; it was her domain. She was so loved.

??? A Source, never reveal your source and so even in death I won’t name the person who planted the seed and gave specific direction about the misuse of steroids at the local greyhound track. R.I.P.

Libby O’Leary

Libby O’Leary was a long-time greyhound adopter and volunteer. She always had a smile on her face. She also joined the Beading Divas in their monthly bracelet making bees until she became too frail and moved across town.


Carter spent a lot of time at A Tucson Tail as his person traveled frequently. He was 100% good boy and while he got along well with Jett, he was Girlfriend’s bodyguard. Wherever she was, Carter could be found nearby. My heart aches as I miss his tender male juju.


Jean Rettus was the life of the party, an ex-New Yorker with a heart of gold and a house full of dogs and cats. Jean had a great sense of humor, an infectious laugh and I miss my friend.



Calvin the beagle was A Tucson Tail’s first non-greyhound client. He started coming at 10 years old and passed at 13. He was a devilish character always in search of dropped food, a lively barker and a furry love bug; he and Jett were pals.

Marcelle Cox

Marcelle Cox was a greyhound adopter and volunteer. Because of her cheerful demeanor she led outreach efforts for Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption. During her last months, she skydived because it was on her bucket list. Brave lady!

Opal – Lizzie Mead – Rider

Rider and Opal were the inspiration for Beading Divas Bracelets. In 2008 greyhound adopter Lizzie Mead was in a 5-car hit and run accident. Both Rider and Opal suffered $14,300 in vet bills. Rider’s spleen was removed and he had hundreds of stitches and Opal’s eye was partially dislodged and her paws were torn. Amazingly, they survived and thrived for years to come.

Opa and Riley

Opa and Riley belonged to fellow Beading Diva Michelle Caillet. Both hounds were excellent hosts. I’m quite sure they are now whooping it up at the Rainbow Bridge.

Tumble was a long-time foster of Tucson Cold Wet Noses. His person was unable to walk so I volunteered to walk Tumble for what I was told would be about three months. Tumble was diagnosed with cancer. He surprised us all and lived nine months and most days I walked him twice a day and sometimes Libra Pena walked him too.

Callie Rose

Callie Rose was my brother’s dog. He found her at the pound in Florida the day before she was going to be killed because she was so fearful. Callie found love at last.

Quinn Jose

Quinn Jose was my first foster that I didn’t fail (i.e. adopt). He was a big black hunk of love adopted by Cheryl Bennett who went on to foster and adopt many more greyhounds.


Luna was a pittie who melted my heart. She was found wandering around the UA. Judy Olsen and son Nick showered Luna Balluna with love for the rest of her life.


Saffron, a sweet girl, spent time here. Her adopter was Loren Dawn. Saffron and Girlfriend were friends and GF would spend time at Saffron’s house too. Together they shared the couch.

Buddy was an amazing greyhound as he achieved service dog status under the tutelage of his adopter Diana Hansen and Handi-Dogs. He took his service dog duties seriously as an outstanding ambassador for Tucson greyhounds. He left us far too soon.

Buddy and Gabrielle Giffords

Found running the streets, Frankie was adopted by Edie Jarolim, a first-time adopter. Frankie inspired a video, a blog – Will My Dog Hate Me? And the book, Am I Boring My Dog? He’s immortal.

Harmony was a peach of a greyhound adopted by Cynthia David. Harmony had an overbite so when she smiled, to the uninitiated, she seemed a little scary but to the rest of us – she lit up the room.