Karyn’s Dogs

Karyn’s Dogs


Daisy was adopted at 8 years of age from Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption in 2016. She formerly raced in Tucson and then went to a breeding farm in Kansas where she birthed 23 offspring then came back to Tucson. She’s suffered some health problems but with good veterinary care and TLC, Daisy thrives. Follow her on Facebook  



At the Rainbow Bridge

Girlfriend was adopted in 2011 at 6 years old from Arizona Greyhound Rescue. She was a trouble-free dog. At 12 years of age (a near miracle for a greyhound) she still trots around the running yard, likes to go for short walks and loves to play “find the cookie.” She was my second foster failure.



Jett was the life of the party – my party. He loved people and kids. He went to middle school and kindergarten. He met famous people like Miss Pima County and the mystery author David Rosenfelt. He went to City Hall and had his photo in the Arizona Daily Star. He exuded confidence and wherever he was, assumed everyone wanted to meet him and be his friend. He loved to dine off the pup menu at Delectables Restaurant. Jett was the perfect greyhound ambassa-dog. He was adopted from Greyhounds to Go in 2010 at the age of 4 ½ and lived life to its fullest until 10 ½ in 2016. He is greatly missed by all who made his acquaintance.  He had a blog called Jett’s Stream.



Lily was my second greyhound and my first foster failure. Where Painter was 99% good boy; she hovered around 60% good girl. Lily didn’t like other dogs (not even greyhounds), was mischievous and liked to chew especially shoes and purses. She had more accessories than I. Her nickname was “Drama Queen” and she answered to it. Lily was adopted from GPA-LA/OC (now Fast Friends) in 1999 at the age of 2 years 3 months and in 2010 lived to 12 years 9 months.


Painter, my first greyhound, altered my life in ways I could never imagine. He loved people and worked a room like nobody’s business. Painter loved birthday parties and opening his own presents. He was adopted from GPA-LA/OC in 1998 at the age of 4 ½ and lived to 12 ½ in 2006. I greatly treasure our time together.