9 Reasons to Adopt a Greyhound

1.  You know what you’re getting when you adopt an adult dog. Regardless of breed, adult dogs make good adoption choices. The temperament a dog as an adult is often different than in the same dog as a puppy. You know exactly what size the dog is going to be.

2. Adult dogs require less work than puppies do. As cute as puppies are, they are a lot of work. Aside from having to be house-trained, puppies teethe, chew, destroy and need much more exercise and attention than adult dogs.

3. Greyhounds are low-maintenance. They require minimal grooming; their exercise needs are low to moderate. Most greyhounds are naturally laid-back, well-mannered and sensitive.

4. Greyhounds don’t need much exercise. People might assume because they’re bred to race, they need constant exercise and lots of room to run. While a fenced yard is best, a daily walk or two and a chance to run in a fenced yard or field from time to time is sufficient. They are sprinters; exhaustive hiking and training for marathons are not their style.

5. Greyhounds are generally gentle giants. One misconception is they are aggressive dogs because most people have only seen photos of greyhounds racing with muzzles covering their faces. Muzzles are used to help protect racing greyhounds from injury and to determine the winners of close races. As companion animals, greyhounds are mostly quiet, gentle, docile and compliant.

6. About 50% of greyhounds live with cats and small dogs. Most rescue groups will test for cat and small dog tolerance, if the adopter requests.

greyhound dog boarding Tucson

7. Greyhounds are fun. You can dress them up like reindeer for Christmas. When you adopt a greyhound, you adopt a community and can ask questions and compare notes and photos with other greyhound adopters at social events and social media. There are dozens of greyhound groups on Facebook. Also, be prepared to furnish your house with greyhound memorabilia and accessories for you and your hound.

8. Like with any dog breed, you are saving a life and supporting a community of dedicated volunteers who make adoption a priority. You are giving a greyhound the opportunity to become a beloved pet.

9. Greyhounds are professional couch potatoes. Pass the remote.

In Tucson, there are two adoption groups: Arizona Greyhound Rescue and Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption.